Thursday , October 29th 2020
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Three Great Wine Chillers

There are many wine chillers on the market.  Many are of the old standard type; a fancy bucket filled with a couple of trays of ice.  They work, but there are new chiller types with a better way to do the task.  All of them will chill your wine, but some do it in differen... Read more

Choosing a Wine Chiller

Wine chillers are a critical piece of equipment for any wine enthusiast that plans to keep a good stock of wine on hand. Made for small or large wine cellars, these chillers help keep wine at the perfect temperature for storage. In fact, I would argue that a good wine chi... Read more

Wine Bottle Chillers

Why buy a wine bottle chiller? Keeping your wine chilled is the best thing you can do for your wine and other alcoholic beverages for that matter. Having it too cold, or too warm will ruin the enjoyment of the drink. And another thing to consider as well, whoever told you... Read more

Iceless Wine Chiller vs Iced Wine Chiller

Any avid wine drinker will tell you that the secret of the perfect experience of drinking wine lies in how the wine was stored. Sometimes a chilled, crisp wine is the best drink one can get. At times wine is best chilled to an optimal temperature below room temperature. T... Read more

18 Bottle Wine Cooler

One of the most popular but delicate alcoholic beverage in the world is wine. Wine is brewed for excellent taste and memorable drinking experience, but how it is stored is a major factor on the preservation of the taste and the resultant experience. Wine is best stored an... Read more