Thursday , July 2nd 2020
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Crystal Wine Decanters

A crystal wine decanter is a glass serving vessel into which an entire bottle of wine is poured. They are used to remove sediment, aerate the wine, facilitate pouring, and provide an elegant presentation. A wine decanter’s purpose is very simple but their results are overwhelming.

A crystal wine decanter or wine aerator is not an item just for showing off – it does have a special function that affects the aroma of the wine significantly. Some people refer to it as a wine breather as it lets the wine “breath” and take on oxygen or air, which then changes the aroma to the better.

A crystal wine decanter is preferable to just letting the wine sit open for a little while before serving because the wine decanter allows much more of the surface area of the wine surface to come into contact with the air. The shapes of Riedel Wine Decanters are designed to allow the ideal amount of exposed surface area of the wine.

A crystal wine decanter is probably the most expensive, but you can find some fairly modest pricing in Riedel wine decanters. The benefit of crystal is that it allows clear viewing of the wine so you can see any sediment that escaped from the bottle. A crystal wine decanter is ideal to be used as its clear form displays the wine’s color to perfection. The Maximilian Riedel wine decanter has a unique design that allows for worry-free pouring with its deep punt that accommodates the entire thumb while the other four fingers naturally cradle the decanter.