Sunday , August 9th 2020
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Iceless Wine Chiller vs Iced Wine Chiller

Any avid wine drinker will tell you that the secret of the perfect experience of drinking wine lies in how the wine was stored. Sometimes a chilled, crisp wine is the best drink one can get. At times wine is best chilled to an optimal temperature below room temperature. Temperature matters most in determining the resultant taste of the wine. Humidity is another important factor in preserving the wonderful qualities of wine.  Let’s look at the differences between iceless and iced wine chillers.

The advancement in the wine storage industry has led to the development of this chiller, which, unlike most other coolers and chillers, does not use ice. The best thing about these chillers is that everything is electronic; all you need to do is plug it to the power mains and set your preferences. Although this is not a long term solution to the storage of wine, consider it the best way to chill wine to the desired temperatures within a short time.

Many people do not realize that the way wine is stored can change its flavor, aroma, and texture. Depending on the kind of wine, there is a perfect temperature and humidity that it needs to be stored at. Wine should be stored in a manner to only bring out the best in the wine while also keeping the cork from drying out. In addition, the wine should be kept out of direct sunlight and be stored where there will be no vibrations causing the bottles to move. Of course, not everyone can afford to build an in-home wine cellar or buy an expensive wine refrigerator, so they opt for a more affordable wine chiller.

Wine chillers that do not use ice are easily portable and mostly used to chill only a bottle or two of wine at a time. They are electrically powered and even have 12-volt adapters making them useable even when picnicking or in a car. If you are on the move and constantly need chilled wine, most people who have not heard of iceless chillers will advise you to get a bucket of ice, which later leaves a mess and does not even adjust wine temperature to desired levels. An iceless chiller is the best appliance for this purpose.

A typical iceless chiller has a digital temperature level to chill wine to the desired temperature. You can set your preferred temperature to as low as 40 degrees and be sure you will get your wine at that precise temperature. They are small in size, measuring between 10 and 15 inches high, 5, and 10 inches in depth and 7 to 11 inches in width.

An iceless wine chiller can be used to enhance the taste and drinking experience of different red, sake, champagne, and white wine fast. Sometimes it takes less than 5 minutes to achieve the set temperature. Once the desired wine temperature is obtained, the chiller may switch to power saving mode where the wine temperature is conserved at that point.

Ice Wine Chiller

There has been much debate over the years as to which type of cooling unit is best- the electric model or an ice wine bottle chiller. Some would argue both sides, but this is an explanation for both kinds so that you can read all of the information and make a judgment call for yourself.

Even though both types have been used for quite a few years, the bucket has been around for a lot longer. These nifty little canisters are what you typically see in the movies in a fancy hotel, or you can still find them used every day in upper-end restaurants. More than likely, when they are spotted these days, it is to hold a bottle of champagne or a very rare blend. Some people still use them in their homes for special occasions because of the persona that they carry. However, if you are going for the easiest and cheapest route of housing a bottle, then this is the choice for you.

But there is a key reason why some people do not find them appealing. The problem is that using a bucket of ice is better to keep a bottle cold, but not to chill it from a warmer temperature. It is very difficult to lower a bottle that has been at room temperature for awhile. The other problem is that once you start lowering it, you cannot control the range where it will settle. This means that even if your bottle cools there is no way to bring it to an exact temperature or even maintain it there.

This is a particularly important element because no matter if it is a red or white blend, it has a specific temperature that makes it taste best and compliments it typicity. By rapidly cooling a bottle or maintaining it at the inappropriate temperature, you are affecting it’s taste, texture and overall characteristics that make it unique to it’s blend. Enjoying your favorite choice of red or white could be completely altered.

Now, to look at the other end of the spectrum, you have to consider an electric version. Here is where technology takes over for you. This type of unit can take on several different designs, but the general function remains the same. The main feature is to not only cool a bottle but cool it effectively and at the right level.

This is accomplished by a very ingenious method. First, you pop in a little ice and then your bottle. Most models have a number of pre-set blends programmed in so that all you have to do is select the right one and turn it on. The device gives you a display of what temperature you are starting at and keeps you posted to inform you when the optimum temperature is reached. This is typically accomplished very quickly. Then your ice wine chiller maintains it there, no matter how long you need it for.