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Lily’s Home Folding Wine Decanter Drying Stand For Standard Large Bottomed Wine Decanters, Decanter NOT Included. Chrome

Product Features:

    Drying your decanter can be tricky. There's always the fear of water spots or streaks ruining the appearance of your decanter. Plus, if you don't use a drying rack that is durable, your glassware could topple over and shatter. At Lily's Home, we've made a convenient drying stand that…
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Product Description

Drying your decanter can be tricky. There’s always the fear of water spots or streaks ruining the appearance of your decanter. Plus, if you don’t use a drying rack that is durable, your glassware could topple over and shatter. At Lily’s Home, we’ve made a convenient drying stand that will efficiently air-dry your large decanter without leaving behind water spots or streaks. Your decanter will look immaculate after it hangs on this vertical drying rack. This stand can support 1 large-bottomed wine decanter. (As a note, this drying stand does not come with the decanter.) It can support any type of decanter, including crystal or glass. It measures at 8.25″ x 7.75″ when standing. When folded, it measures at a small 12″ x 1″, so you can easily store it away. To fold it, just push the top part in toward the stand and then fold down the stand toward the base. It’s that simple! This decanter drying rack is great for people who love wine, liquor, and spirits. It will be a great addition to their wine collection, especially if they already have other wine accessories. This also makes a great housewarming gift for a newlywed couple. They’ll be impressed with this handy glassware drying tool. Our drying rack is made from stainless steel for increased durability and strength. It’s long lasting; this stand resists rust, bending, and bowing. You’ll be able to enjoy this decanter drying stand for years to come. It’s plated with chrome to give it a brilliantly shining appearance. Add it to your kitchen supplies today!

Product Features

  • AIR-DRY YOUR DECANTER: Our lovely drying stand will perfectly air-dry your decanter. Simply wash your dishware, then hang it up to dry. Your glassware will have a spot-free finish, keeping your decanter in pristine condition. This holder can accommodate 1 large-bottomed wine decanter. Order this decanter drying rack today!
  • FOLDS FLAT FOR EASY STORAGE: Measuring at 8.25″ x 7.75″, this freestanding drying rack will sit nicely on your countertop or tabletop. When not in use, it can be folded down to a convenient 12″ x 1″. Simply bend the top part of the stand down to the base. You can easily store it in your cabinets, cupboards, or pantry.
  • PERFECT FOR WINE LOVERS: Wine enthusiasts will rejoice over this folding drying rack. With a chic design, this vertical drying stand manages to be both functional and attractive. It’s plated with chrome, giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The wine connoisseurs in your life will certainly appreciate this thoughtful gift. Add it to your wine glass cleaning accessories today!
  • GREAT HOUSEWARMING GIFT: Get your loved ones a useful and practical housewarming present with this foldable drying rack by Lily’s Home. This modern drying stand holds 1 decanter. It has a decorative design that is great for a countertop, island, or table. It’s the perfect gift for those who collect wine gadgets like aerators, carafes, and more. Give them something they don’t have with this rack!
  • STURDY STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This wine glass hanging rack is made from stainless steel, making it extra durable. It will withstand years of use without rusting, bending, or bowing. It is plated in chrome for elegance and sophistication. This drying stand will make a beautiful contemporary addition to your kitchen.