Thursday , October 29th 2020
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Red Wine Glasses – Large 27 oz Hand Blown Bowl. Lead Free Crystal Glasses. Set of 2 in Luxury Gift Box. For Christmas to Birthdays and Anniversaries or Sunday Brunch, Dinner Party, Girls Night

Product Features:

    Find a Deeper Connection - There's just something about that first sip, isn't there? Especially when you're drinking from a proper glass. La Forêt's oversized bowl was specifically designed to enhance the experience of enjoying a glass of fine red wine. A More Elegant & Sophisticated Glass -…
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Product Description

  • Find a Deeper Connection – There’s just something about that first sip, isn’t there? Especially when you’re drinking from a proper glass. La Forêt’s oversized bowl was specifically designed to enhance the experience of enjoying a glass of fine red wine.
  • A More Elegant & Sophisticated Glass – This tall, thin glass gives off a sense of luxury and style. Made of hand-blown, lead-free crystal, the large, 27-ounce capacity of La Forêt’s balloon style glass allows for better aeration, meaning your favorite wines will taste even better as the oversized bowl brings out the aroma.
  • Never Pick Through the Cabinet Again – We’ve all been there, debating which glass would be best for the moment. Perfect for any occasion or time of day, La Forêt is your go-to glass for whenever you’re in the mood for some red. From Christmas to birthdays and anniversaries or even just a Sunday brunch, dinner party, or girls night, dazzle and pamper your guests or use it as your daily sipper. Once you have the right glass, all you need to worry about is choosing the bottle.
  • Stress-Free Satisfaction – Two things you won’t find with La Forêt: seams or “wine wobbles.” Swirl your wine smoothly with our seamless stem as the large, sturdy base eliminates annoying wobbles. This surprisingly lightweight glass lets you focus on what really matters: the wine!
  • Set of 2 comes in a special gift box. Treat yourself or your favorite wine lover!

    Zélie & Giselle was founded for home entertainers; La Forêt was designed for Red wine lovers.

    Our Promise – Money-back Guarantee

    We are proud of our stunning La Forêt and confident that you will fall in love with these elegant wine glasses as well. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


    Product Features

    • 🍷 [THE GLASS MATTERS!] Fine red wine is only as good as the glass you pour it into. This tall, thin, lightweight, hand-blown, lead-free crystal glass transports you right to the chateaus of Bordeaux.
    • 🍷 [“WOW! THAT’S A BIG GLASS”] It’s not just for that “WOW” factor: La Foret’s larger (27-ounce!) bowl serves a purpose, allowing for better aeration. More air = more flavor, bringing out the very best in your favorite wines. Smell and taste every note!
    • 🍷 [UNWIND IN STYLE] Specifically designed for the passionate red wine drinker, La Foret adds a touch of elegance to your experience. This glass is a conversation piece, a game-changer designed to enhance the experience.
    • 🍷 [SWIRL YOUR WINE SMOOTHLY] No seams, no wobbles, no spills, swirl without worrying about your glass toppling over. Go ahead, have a second pour.
    • 🍷 [EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM GIFT BOX] The ornate box makes for precious anniversary, birthday, housewarming or wedding gift to remember you by; Treat guests like royalty and serve wine the ‘expert’ way with these elegant glasses.