Friday , April 3rd 2020
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Sooiy 1.8L Mouth-Blown Wine Decanter Fast 100% Lead-Free Crystal Glass decanters Harp Pouring Wine Creative Distillery Wine Gifts, Wine Accessories (U) – Suitable for Home use and Party Decanters

Product Features:

    ● Name: decanter with 6 words● Color: clear● Material: 100% lead-free crystal glass● Size: Height 34 cm x 20 cm bottom● Weight: about 1 kg● capacity: 1800 ml / 60 oz● Content: quality decanter● style: Modern European style● Process: Hand-blown, cut cold● Use: Commercial use, gifts, collectibles, accessories● Product…
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Product Description

● Name: decanter with 6 words
● Color: clear
● Material: 100% lead-free crystal glass
● Size: Height 34 cm x 20 cm bottom
● Weight: about 1 kg
● capacity: 1800 ml / 60 oz
● Content: quality decanter
● style: Modern European style
● Process: Hand-blown, cut cold
● Use: Commercial use, gifts, collectibles, accessories
● Product packaging: carton, decanters * 1
Applicable scenarios: family, hotel, winery, bar, restaurant, commercial use, wedding, party and family celebrations
Design features: The glass wine decanter using fluid mechanical principles, to speed up the flow of red wine by mixing with air, so that the internal pressure of the molecular structure of the red wine flows quickly. The tannic acid in the long-term high-pressure accumulator is rapidly oxidized and the alcohol is smooth and aromatic. So this is the perfect wine accessories to the original value to improve the wine.
In the renderings we only sell wine carafes without other decorations.
This wine decanter can be the most stylish gift that suits most festivals or occasions. I sincerely hope you would enjoy this wine decanter with family, lovers or friends!
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Product Features

  • ★ PERFECT DESIGN FOR PERFECT WINE: This wine decanter crystal glass has been developed for all fragrant red wines, is reinforced so that the mixture of wine and air and the aroma of the wine fully distributed and the sediment is separated from the wine. So this decanter is the best wine gift Christmas gift for wine lovers wine – Unique Wine Experience with a large wine decanter !.
  • ★ ELEGANT AND KOMFORTABELISCHES DESIGN: The wine decanter has a unique and elegant design that emphasizes the style of your dining table and leaves your guests impression. The decanter is not only beautiful, it is also very practical. The practical design makes it easy to pour without spilling, and can hold 1800ml, which is more than two standard bottles of wine ..
  • ★ 100% LEAD FREE CRYSTAL – Our hand-blown, lead-free Kristalldekanter give every room and every kitchen a modern, yet elegant design. Impress your guests, you enhance the ambience and increase the purity, flavor and the taste of your favorite red or white wine with our wine pourer. Great for Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, port wine and other wine bottles ..
  • ★ The unique and perfect form, the superior workmanship, careful selection of materials and the handling of every single detail, ensure that each product is of high quality, each One Is Unique and the quality of the glass is fine! (Perfect for 750 ml wine bottles and the large opening makes it easy to fill and easy to clean.) Size: height 34 cm x bottom diameter 20 cm power the ventilation process more efficient ..
  • ★ Features a wide decanter base that helps to make tannins in your wine softer. This makes for a smoother, richer wine flavor and a texture that you will surely love. This is perfect for you if you are looking for something that your wine every time you fill your glass, removes the most exquisite taste.