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Three Great Wine Chillers

There are many wine chillers on the market.  Many are of the old standard type; a fancy bucket filled with a couple of trays of ice.  They work, but there are new chiller types with a better way to do the task.  All of them will chill your wine, but some do it in different ways.  Let’s look at three of the top models.

Breville Wine Chiller

Wine novices and connoisseurs alike have long appreciated the delicate nature of wines and the infinite varieties that are available. They love them with their meals, as casual enjoyment at parties or just as a late night treat before bed while reading a good book. We love to plan an evening that includes wine, but sometimes plans come at the last minute. In these instances, we need to be able to incorporate it on a short notice without disturbing our plans. A Breville wine bottle chiller will ensure that your plans stay on track.

This company has really outdone themselves with their chiller. It really is a stroke of ingenuity. This is a basic idea that has been incorporated with keeping wine cold- without the use of ice. There are several different models of this item, but they all have the same premise. And the great thing is that they are very reasonably priced.

The operation is very simple: say you need a bottle of wine chilled, but you don’t have the standard amount of time available to accomplish this. Your usual plan would be to refrigerate a bottle and hope that it isn’t too warm when it is time to open. Let’s face it- warm wine just isn’t that appealing. Instead, you break out this little helper and put it to use for you.

These devices come with chill cells, much like the ice packs that you keep in coolers instead of using ice. They stay in your freezer until they are needed. When you are ready to use them, you take three out and place them in your unit. Then you put in some water up to the “hip” of the chiller. It does not have to be cold water: out of the tap is fine. Next, you set the timer for as little as seven minutes. This setting is called the “rapid chill” setting. The timer will go up to fifteen minutes, but seven is adequate for the device to accomplish it’s task.

As it runs, it circulates the water throughout the device so that all of the water is the same temperature. In seven minutes, the device shuts itself off and your wine is ready. It can easily reduce the temperature by twenty to twenty degrees in that short amount of time. And the design is so quiet during operation that you won’t even notice that it is running. You could even place it on the table with you without disturbing your conversation.

The unit can be operated by either AC power source or by seven AA batteries. And cleanup is a breeze, too. The housing is scratch and dent resistant and all you have to do is wipe it down with a clean, damp soft cloth, let it completely dry and put it away.

So the next time you find yourself short on time and expecting guests, break out your Breville wine chiller and let it take care of your wine while you take care of your friends.

Vinotemp Wine Chiller

If you are looking for a product that has made it’s mark, then look no further than a Vinotemp wine bottle chiller. This company has built a strong reputation on manufacturing equipment for the connoisseur or the novice alike. Their products are high quality and if you do not see exactly what you are looking for then they can custom design and mold it into existence in their state of the art facility. They are not only setting the standard in the wine industry, but they are steadily forging ahead of it.

When you are looking for the right cooling unit to house your inventory, then this is the first and only place you will need to shop. But before you start browsing, you need to look into what you will need and where it will be placed.

You must first decide what you want that matches your lifestyle. They can custom fit your design from a free standing unit to ones that can be built into your existing counters. It doesn’t matter what your décor situation, you can pick from external finishes that compliment your style and go with the right materials to accent the room. Some of the other main features include soft lighting, choice of single or dual independently controlled zones, locking mechanisms and LED displays.

There are four series of units that they specialize in, each with it’s own brand of features and characteristics”

The Portofino Series is a group that comes with decorative wood finishing and detail that can coordinate any room’s furnishings. They are designed specifically to flow with the style of virtually any room and are energy efficient and very quiet to operate. The pieces resemble everything from a bar, cabinet and credenzas to cellars and towers. Some are even available up to three separate compartments.
The Butler Series all resemble refrigerators that hold from 6 to 160 bottles at a time. This entire line is designed so they can be used as built in units. They are also unique in that they offer a wide variety of exterior materials and colors including white, black, stainless, or various combinations thereof.
The Pro Series is a line devoted to commercial application. The main characteristics are wood shelving and wood front accents along with stainless steel construction. You can choose from units that accommodate 26, 45 or 52 bottles.
The Eco Series is just as the name implies: energy efficient due to the infamous thermoelectric cooling system technology that is easy on the planet while properly maintaining your stock. These are for relatively smaller inventories of stock and carry a lot of the essential features that help make them individually stylish.
There is even a Vinotemp wine chiller group that covers every need in between. Some are for single bottle use, some for dual and some that resemble refrigerators. There is even a party cooler on wheels that can be transported from room to room wherever the entertaining takes you.

Cuisinart Wine Chiller

Wine lovers everywhere have such a passion for it that they go to great lengths to properly maintain and present their collection. Having their stock at the precise temperature and under the exact conditions takes special attention to detail. A Cuisinart wine bottle chiller will aid you in your quest for the perfect glass every time. This company has been producing quality products for a long time and these devices follow suit as well.

When you are looking to purchase one of these units the first thing to consider is how big does it need to be. This is where most people go wrong. They get these confused with a wine frig, which are meant to store up to a full collection in. These devices are for keeping some of your favorites on hand for last minute needs. Plus, this type is meant to be displayed on a counter, whereas the other type has to be inserted within the cabinets themselves, or worse, you end up buying a stand alone unit.

Your typical unit will store anywhere from six to 12 bottles, with some models housing a few more. This is a standard amount that you would keep handy. Some would argue that if you only have that few number of bottles, why not just keep them in the refrigerator? Well, the answer is simple. Standard refrigerators run a constant temperature of around 38 to 40 degrees. Chillers are just that- chillers. That means they remain a constant 50 degrees. That difference in temperature means a lot when you are talking about wine.

Another discussion might be just to submerge a bottle in a bucket of ice. This is not the correct way to prepare wine to serve. Ice doesn’t chill- it freezes whatever it is covering. This brings the wine to an unacceptable and uncomfortable level. After all, you are serving delicious wine, not wine coolers.

Since these devices are openly displayed on your counter with your other appliances they are attractive in design. This way they are meant to blend in and not stand out. These are some of the standard features that help them flow with their surroundings:

– soft interior lighting which is adequate, but not excessive. You m ay also purchase units where the interior light remains on constantly.

– Comes with Thermoelectric technology, which means no compressor. That translates into no noise and no vibration.

– Since there is no compressor, the units are very light for their size.

– LED readouts and displays.

– Electronic thermostats.

– Low energy feature saves on electricity.

– Double pane display door keeps a tight seal while giving you visual access to your supply.

– Attractive stainless steel construction that will go beautifully with your kitchen furnishings.

– 3 year warranty.

When you add all of this up it comes out to a great item at a great price. Cuisinart wine chillers typically run several hundred dollars. Not a bad price to pay for constant, perfectly chilled wine available simply by opening a door.