Thursday , July 2nd 2020
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Wine Chiller Buckets

It doesn’t matter if you are a connoisseur or a novice, the fact is that you don’t have to have a full countertop custom cooler to serve your favorite blend. All you need is a wine bottle chiller bucket, and you can entertain with the best of them.

These handy little inventions have been around almost as long as the beverage itself. This is a great way to keep a bottle of your finest ready at a moment’s notice. And if you know, you will have company later there is nothing better than popping a bottle into one of these and then forgetting about it. It will be at your disposal when you want it. The great thing about these is that they are convenient, portable, and very versatile.

There are actually several different models of this device that you can choose form. One particular version is simply a reusable wrap that you put in the freezer until needed. Then you take it out and slide a bottle inside it. When you’re finished, you put it back in the freezer to reuse. Sort of like a giant koozie.

Another favorite is the traditional type right out of the movies. It’s a big bucket with ice that can be either plain and informal, or decorative and festive. You’ve seen them in countless movies, usually in finer establishments like very nice hotels or in a ritzy home such as an estate. This is the old reliable that we typically associate with. Just fill with ice and your choice of bottle and relax.

For people who likes things out of the ordinary, there is the vertical ice cube tray. It serves the same purpose but looks like an ice tray wrapped around a bottle. The tray actually makes the ice and when you are ready you simply empty the cubes inside the container and pop in a bottle. For those who like the unusual, it is definitely for you. If you think about it, there could actually be a dual purpose behind owning one. For one thing, it would take care of your cooling problem as it is designed to do, and second, it would make a great conversation piece.

No matter what design you go with, there is still the convenience of knowing that you can take your beverage with you no matter where you end up. Whether it be on the patio, by the pool, or even on a balcony, your cooling buddy will fit right into the situation. And remember that cleanup is a snap. All you have to worry with is emptying it and wiping it clean. How handy is that!

There are many other models to pick from, but they all carry the same function. As long as you are not hosting a large dinner party, you can have a few friends over, or that special someone and your wine chiller bucket will provide the refreshments.